Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Story behind I turned as Mozillian :)

Being a FOSS activist, I am very much into various FOSS activities in our country.
I was attending the Wiki India Conference in November 2011 in Mumbai. 
While participating in Hackathan session during the above conference, one person walked
to the stage and called participants to help him in Localisation in Urdu, Arabic and 
other languages. 
He was Aamir Aharoni, Mozilla Reps from Israel. I spent about 2-3 hours with him and
contributed for localisation in Urdu language. 
Aamir introduced me several Mozilla initiatives and Mozilla Reps program. 
I joined Mozilla Reps program on 13th December 2011 and turned as Mozillian :)

I thanks Aamir for introducing me such a wonderful and amazing program. -:) 


  1. Wow, you go so much success in this program. I just loved your dedication towards this work and may you get much more. Good luck with future programs

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