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Mozilla L10n Hindi, Marathi, Gujrati and Angika Community Meetup 2018

Mozilla L10n Hindi, Marathi, Gujrati and Angika Community Meetup 2018

1-2 September 2018, Pune

जहां चाह है, वहां राह है"
“Where there's a will there's a Way”

"If you are determined, you can find a way to achieve whatever you want, even if it is very difficult."

I would love to start this Blog with above saying which is the perfect match of what we have achieved as outcome of the L10n meetup held in Pune during 1-2, September 2018.

It was an honor for me to get an invite to participate in the meetup and give a talk on ‘How to bring Impact on Mozilla mission through localization and QA’.

With the objective of not to miss any moment or any session of the meetup, I started from Kolkata on 31st August 2018 and landed Pune at late evening on the same day.

Without wasting any time, I rushed to the hotel to see some of the participants before they go to sleep. Yes, my plan was successful, I manged to meet and kill some of the time of Prathamesh and Aniket :P

Accommodation was arranged for all the participants in Hotel Novotel, which is a world class International 5 Star hotel in Pune.

As expected, I was suppose to share room with Umesh who already checked in the hotel on same evening. We discussed about plan of the meetup scheduled next morning. I then had my dinner ‘Veg Biryani’ in the hotel room itself. Next morning, i.e on 1st September, we all assembled in hotel lobby at around 8:00 AM. We quickly finished breakfast and left for the venue of the meetup. Complimentary breakfast at the hotel was an awesome combination of South India, North India and regional dishes. 

Highlights of Day-1

Umesh started ‘Day-1’ with interactive discussion and introduction of all the participants. He also took their views, feedback and exception with the two days meetup. The bold statement of the session was: Don’t hesitate to ask any questions.” After having introductory session, we moved on various sessions as follows.

Session-1 ‘Ice- breakdown -- Warm up session’ by Umesh Agarwal
Before kicking start with the agenda, Umesh has quickly announced the agenda for the day. Participants of the meetup mutually decided the hash-tag of the meetup as, #MozINL10n18

Session-2: “How to bring Impact on Mozilla Mission through Localization and QA” by Shahid Ali Farooqui 

I divided my session in to following there parts.
1. Languages
2. Bringing impact in regional community through localization and QA
3. Bringing Impact on Mozilla Mission through Localization and QA

I mostly tried to motivate participants toward focusing on quality and consistent contribution in localization.

Session-3: Understand the Individual's Role - Eg. Manger, Translator, Reviewer and Product Tester by Umesh Agarwal

Session-4: Pontoon Tool Overview Tips and Tricks by Dhiraj Kumar Singh and Mahtab Alam 

Session-5: Firefox for Mobile Quality Check and Terminology Consistency by Ravi Kumbhkar 

Session-6: Firefox for Android Quality Check and Terminology Consistency (Individual team breakout)

Lunch Break: We all enjoyed Domino’s Pizza

Session-7: Introduction to Bugzilla and Bug Filing, Access Rights, Mozilla L10n Blog by Gujarati Team 

Session-8: Individual Team Feedback (General Comment by all ‘A Productive Day’)

Day-1 end-up with Cake Cutting, Swag distribution, group photo and then grand dinner

Highlights of Day-2

We all assembled at hotel lobby at around 8:30 AM to have breakfast and to leave for the venue of the meetup. Like Day-1, complimentary breakfast at the hotel was an awesome combination of South India, North India and regional dishes.

Day-2 started with the recap of day-1, individual team work of day-1 and planning to complete the task in day-2.

All the team completed the localization of products under the supervision of their locale leaders.

Lunch Break: We all enjoyed the lunch from KFC.

After the lunch, following session were conducted.

Session-1: Training session for new members -- How to do it? Let’s discuss by Chandrakant and Shahid 

Session-2: SUMO Pages translation process and Quality Check by Mahtab Alam 

Session-3: Agile Methodology by Umesh Agarwal

Session-4: Feedback from participants 

Champ of the Year 2018 for each locale are recognizer with a special gift. 

Angika: Kumar Ritu Raj 

Gujarati: Hariom Panchal

Hindi: Mahtab Alam

Marathi: Narendra Petkar and Nilima Chavan


Day-2 end-up with a group photograph, grand dinner and saying bye-bye with a commitment to meet again with same enthusiasm and passion.

My Observation about the Meetup: This meetup was part of the Mozilla L10n community events in 2018. The meetup was of very high standard, productive and end up with great success metrics. Approximately twenty leaders of four regional languages traveled from various parts of the country to participate in the meetup.

Acknowledgements:  My special thanks to Umesh for taking initiative and hosting such a productive meetup of year 2018. My sincere thanks to Prathamesh, Aniket, Chandrakant Ji and Umesh for such an outstanding logistics arrangement and their tiring efforts to make the meetup successful and productive. Last but not the least, I thanks all the participants for all their contributions, sparing valuable time and traveling all the way from their place to Pune to participate in the meetup.

My Takeaway: Good to see community heading in right directions with full of strength! 

Discussion over tea: I thanks Chandrakant ji and his wife for offering me an awesome tea at their home.

Photo of the Meetup:

Useful Resource:

Meetup Wiki Page for more details: Click Here

Photos of Day-1: Click Here 

Photos of Day-2: Click Here 

Friday, February 14, 2014

A Journey from Shahid to Mozilla Uncle

Webmaker Kitchen Party, Allahabad
12 January 2014

I am delighted to share my experience of very first Webmaker event at Allahabad. It was an amazing experience to have lots of FUN with kids.

I hosted Webmaker Kitchen Party for Kids at Allahabad on 12th January 2014. Initially this event was planned to be hosted in a school at Allahabad. But due to sudden fall in temperature, city administration announced holidays for school kids for a week. As a result, I have changed the venue of the event from school to my home. I invited some 30 kids, few engineering students and some house wives from my locality for the event, I wanted to invite even more kids but due to space constraint I could not do it. There was a mixed crowd of class 3rd to class 12th, engineering students, house wives etc.

The kids were so excited to attend the event and gathered at my home well before the event's time. 

The event was also attended by following Mozillians.

1. Rahul Ranjan, RMA FSA, IIIT Allahabad
2. Raid Ahmad, RMA FSA, MIT Meerut
3. Charul Agarwal, FSA, IIIT Allahabad
4. AdityaChaturvedi, FSA IIIT Allahabad
5. Jatin Mehta, FSA IIIT Allahabad
6. Tayyab Isfahani, Mozillian, Kanpur

Since It was a very first Mozilla event for most of the RMA and FSAs, we all sat together and had a brief discussion about various Mozilla products like Webmaker, Firefox OS, Firefox Browser, Persona, Firebug, Localization, MDN, FSA Program, WoMoz, FOSS etc. I found this event as a good platform to meet and interact with RMAs and FSAs of my region, I am glad to meet them for the first time.

The event started with my very basic introductory talk about Mozilla, Mozilla Products, Mozilla Projects, Webmaker and various Webmaker tools.

Then Rahul Ranjan, RMA talked about FSA Program, kids of 12th standard looked very interested in the FSA Program.

Then Rais Ahmad, RMA MIT Meerut briefed about Webmaker and gave demo on its  various tools.

Then FSAs, Charul, Jatin and Aditya gave a basic talk on 'What is a computer and how to protect it', 'What is an E-Mail ID and how it works' and 'What is a search engine and how to search information on Google'.

Now, we have reached to "Teaching and Learning" session for kids. We formed  various groups, each group was consist of maximum 3 kids. We then made the pair of groups. Pair of groups asked to teach at least one topic (what ever they want) to each another. Volunteers were helping them in making the groups, selecting the topic to teach and learn etc. We allowed 20 minutes for this session. At last, we invited one member from each group to tell all the attendees about what they have taught or learnt. Kids enjoyed a lot this session and they  learnt 'how to prepare maggi', 'rules in badminton,  rules in cricket etc.

Now It was a time for drawing and design competition for Kids. We asked kids to design and color the Firefox and Webmaker logo

One can see the enthusiasm and dedication of kids in following photo.

Here is some of the kid's creations.

We selected two best drawings and announced as winner. Winners got Webmaker T-shirt and Firefox Bag :)

We distributed color box and drawing pad to all the kids as a token of participation and consolation prize . Kids were so happy to get these goodies.

At last Kids were so happy to attend the event, it was a very different experience for them. They were happy to get color box, drawing pad and a very delicious snack pack :). Many kids are now calling me as MOZILLA UNCLE, I am simply loving it. :) :) :)

Now Its a time for group and individual clicks with Firefox vertical banner.

My event report/blog is incomplete without paying my hearty thanks to Gauthamraj (MozRaj) for his help and ideas to make this event successful.

I am very thankful to Rahul, Charul, Jatin and Rais for writing nice blogs to share their experience about the event.

Event Page Link:

Photos of the Event:

Blog written by Rahul:

Blog written by Rais:

Blog written by Charul:

Blog written by Jatin:

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Great Learning Experience, Lots of Fun and Volunteering at Mozilla Summit 2013

It was an experience while attending and volunteering (Summit Host) at Mozilla Summit 2013. About 700 Mozillians from 95 countries participated in the summit. About fifty Mozillians from India has also participated and gained the opportunity of best learning and networking experience.
Following blog on Mozilla Summit 2013 is written by Mitchell Baker, Chairperson of the Mozilla
It was a Three Days Summit hosted at Santa Clara, Brussels and Toronto simultaneously. I attended the Summit at Santa Clara, US.
Day 1 of the Summit started with Welcome Note by Tristan Nitot, President of Mozilla Europe. The Keynote talk on “What makes Mozilla 'Mozilla'” was by Mitchell Baker, Chairperson of the Mozilla Foundation. I really loved her idea of “Know More, Do More and Do Better”. 

Mitchell's talk followed by another talk on Envisioned Future State by Brendan Eich which was a presentation about their long term, project wide, stretch goals. The next was Our World Fair, which was a way for participants to showcase where they come from and/or what they are doing and for others to connect and build bridges to learn more. About 20-30 countries including India participated in World Fair.
The other topics of subsequent talks were Building a Web Literate World by Sandraghassen Subbaraya Pillai, Ankit Gadgil, Vineel Reddy Pindi, Benny Chandra, Faye Tandog, Christos Bacharakis, Lawrence Kisuuki, What does "Mozillian" mean by Sujith Reddy, Alex Lakatos, and, Firefox OS in 2014 and beyond By Sandip Kamat, Christian Heilmann.
Then we gathered outside the hotel for a group photo, It was really an awesome moment to assemble for the group photo.. The day1 was concluded with the dinner and karaoke. Food throughout the event was just awesome.

Day 2 started with welcome note by Tristan Nitot, President of Mozilla Europe. There were various talks followed by the Innovation Fair. The Innovation Fair is a way for participants to showcase what they are working on. The focus is on products and technology, current or future. Like the World Fair, the Innovation Fair is a way to connect with other Mozillians who may be interested in getting involved with your project.
Among the talks that followed thence were One and Done by Parul Mathur, Level Up with Firefox Student Ambassadors! by Vineel Reddy Pindi, and Strategies of industry players and competing effectively by Irina Sandu, Sandip Kamat. Before th end of the day2, some of site hosts got an opportunity to visit the Mozilla Foundation headquarter at Mountain View, I was one of them. It was then time for World Fare Dinner, a sit-down, buffet dinner featuring chef's choice of foods from around the world.

Mozilla Summit 2013 Day 3 started with a welcome note. Among the talks that followed were Turning Ideas into Action by Tristan Nitot, President of Mozilla Europe, Designing your project for participation by Benjamin Kerensa, Soumya Deb, Product Opportunities in the Cloud by Toby Elliott, Vishy Krishnamoorthy, Mozilla Reps: How to be more awesome Community Builders by Vineel Reddy Pindi, Galaxy Kadiyala, Amir Aharoni, Culture Pulse: Values Action Plan by Dino Anderson, Plato's Cave: Data At Mozilla by Saptarshi Guha, David Zeber, Economic Justice, Mozilla, and the Trans Pacific Partnership by Eitan Isaacson, Diversity Identity Core Engagement by Dino Anderson, Mozilla IT by Ashish Vijayaram, Security Tools by Patil Kailas Ravsaheb, and Waartaa by Ratnadeep Debnath.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Enthusiasm @ MozCamp Allahabad

We hosted  a Mozilla event "MozCampAllahabad" at Allahabad on 20th April 2013.

MozCamp Allahabad was an effort to build a Mozilla and FOSS community in Uttar Pradesh which is one of the largest state in northern region of our country. Allahabad is known as educational hub of Uttar Pradesh (UP). One of the major objective of this event was to make people aware about the opportunities available to get involve in Mozilla and other FOSS initiatives. 

MozCamp Allahabad held at S N Ghosh Auditorium, J K Institute of Applied Physics and Technology, University of Allahabad, on Saturday 20th April 2013.

The event started at sharp 10:30 AM with the inauguration by the Chief Guest, Prof. R R Tiwari , Head of the Dept., Dept. of  Electronics & Communication, J K Institute of Applied Physics and Technology, University of Allahabad.

We were amaze to witness the enthusiastic participation of about 300 B Tech, MCA and BCA students of University of Allahabad and other institutions in Allahabad. The entire auditorium was packed at 10:30 AM

Schedule of the event:

10:30 AM    Inauguration by Prof. R R Tiwari

10:35 AM   Saraswati Puja

10:45 AM    Inaugural talk by Prof. R R Tiwari 

11:00  AM   Tea Break

11:15 AM    Talk by Shahid Farooqui, Mozilla Reps, India

01:00 PM    Lunch Break

02:00 PM    Talk by Biraj Karmakar, Mozilla Reps, India

03:00 PM    Talk on Skype by Ankit Bahuguna, Mozilla Reps, India

03:30 PM    Quiz on Mozilla products and projects + Other FOSS

04:30 PM    Vote of Thanks and Prize Distribution by Prof. R. R Tiwari

05:00 PM    High Tea + Open Session + Networking etc

09:30 PM    Dinner for Speakers and Volunteers at "Restaurant Samira" Allahabad
Shahid Farooqui's Talk:
  • Introduction to Mozilla and its initiatives
  • How to contribute in Mozilla Projects.
  • WebFWD for Entrepreneurs
  • FOSS initiatives in India and across the world.
  • Introduction to Firefox OS

Biraj Karmakar's Talk:
  • Getting started with Webmaker.
  • A hands-on session for Localization (workshop)

Ankit Bahuguna's Talk:
  • Making HTML5 work with FirefoxOS

We distributed Firefox striker, Button and bracelet to all the participants and distributed Firefox striker, Button and bracelet, T-shirt and bag to volunteers.

 About the Quiz

Quiz was based on FOSS,  Mozilla Products and Project. There were 32 students participated in Quiz. We divided them into 8 groups (group A to H), ie. 4 students in each group.

Group 'C' was declared as winner, all the 4 students of this group were happy to get Firefox T-shirt.

Group 'E' was declared as runner, all the 4 students of this group got Firefox Bag.

MozCamp Allahabad coverage in Times of India

Reps Event Web Page

MozCamp Allahabad Photos on Flicker

Blog Link

Acknowledgement and Thanks:

 I thanks to Prof. R R Tiwari for his support and giving permission to host the event at University of Allahabad.

I thanks to Biraj and Ankit for their wonderful and informative sessions.

I thanks to Rahul Mishra for all his help and logistics supports right from the planning of the event.

I thanks to volunteers Korak Mukhopadhyaya, Gopi Bhattacharya, Nilanjan Bhattacharya, and Viabhav Maini, for their support during the whole event.

I thanks Gopi Bhattacharya and Shweta Srivastava for their dedicated scoring during the Quiz.

I also thanks to Sania, Youngest Mozallian of Allahabad, for her presence in the event.


Sunday, April 14, 2013

An effort to Connect People: MozConnect Durgapur

MozConnect Durgapur

Date: 13th April 2013
Time: 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Venue: Evelyn, Vidhan Nagar, Durgapur (WB)

We hosted an event "MozConnect-Durgapur" on Saturday, 13 April 2013 at Evelyn, Bidhan Nagar, Durgapur, West Bengal.

Please have a look on following link for the event page and planning pad.

Event Link:

Planning Pad:
  • Introduction of all the participants
  • Review of the previous MozCafe
  • Monthly Meetup
  • Identifying contributors in various projects
  • To organize a Mozilla camp in NIT Durgapur
  • Discussion on Offline translation tools and manual testing
  • Presentation of Rajesh Ranjan paper on Context in technical Translation: concept and guidelines.
The objective of this event was to review of work done by the Durgapur community in last two months and open discussion with the potential contributors identified in MozCafe held in Durgapur on 13th February 2013. We discussed on community building, identifying more contributors for various Mozilla projects etc. The another major objective of this event was to connect potential contributors with Mozilla Reps and other volunteers. 

We started our discussion at 1:30 PM.

We discussed with all the participants one by one and talked about their involvement in Mozilla and their plan in coming days. Following is the list of few participants along with their area of interest and willingness to join Mozilla projects.

Bodhiswattwa Tewari: Working on Linux mint help and SUMO, Interested in Mozilla WebFWD

Souradaab: Working on Bugzilla and mozmail.

Apoorv Ashutosh: Interested in Web Development

Chandan: Working on Localization and Firefox

Umesh: Working on Mozilla Design, Flicks, Interested in Mozilla WebFWD

Biraj: Mozilla Reps, Working in Localization, Interested in WebFWD

Abhishek Kumar: Working on SUMO, localization and design

Niraj Kumar Singh: Working on Localization, NeMo & SUMO localization, Java Script, HTML5, PHP, MySQL, Java, Interested in Web framework and WebFWD

Amit Kumar Thakur: Working on SUMO, Localization and OpenWeb tool,

Shantanu & Avinash: Working on Mozilla design and flicks along with Umesh

Shubendu: Working on Localization in Bangla

Saurav : Working on Localization in Hindi, HTML5 & CSS, willing to contribute in Firefox OS dev and Web Dev.

Shahid: Mozilla Reps, Working on Localization, Django, Event Management, SUMO, NeMO, Coordination in South Asia, WebFWD

Gaurav – Working on Localization, FOSS, HTML5, Interested in WebDev, Firefox OS Dev, and WebFWD

Mrityunjay – Working on Localization, HTML5, Interested in Firefox OS Dev and Mozilla WebFWD
The Growing Mozilla Community at Durgapur

Following are the links of blogs written by the MozConnect Dugrapur event.