Saturday, January 19, 2013

Represented Mozilla India in “Wikipedia Summit Pune 2013” held in Pune between 12-13 January 2013

I represented Mozilla India in “Wikipedia Summit Pune 2013” held in Pune between 12-13 January 2013.

Before updating about the Wikipedia Summit, I would love to share about an awesome event which was organized in just 30 minutes of short notice. Since there is no direct flight from Kolkata to Pune, I decided to take flight for Mumbai and then traveled from Mumbai to Pune by train. I took halt at Mumbai for few hours. I called one of my friend at IIT Mumbai and asked him to meet. I reached IIT Mumbai at 10:00 PM and met him. He asked me the reason to visit Mumbai. I told him about the purpose of attending Wiki Summit Pune. He then immediately said, me and my friends are very curious to know about various initiatives of Mozilla foundation and how to start contribution. He said to me that, my friends may even come now (at 10:30 pm), he immediately called his 7-8 friends at IIT Mumbai and our meeting fixed at 11 pm. I named this meeting as MozCafe IITB -:)

I showed them a 20 min. presentation and mainly covered Mozilla Mission and projects. They were glad to know about the initiatives and keen to contribute in B2G and Localization.

Next day in the morning, I met with Prof. Kannan Moudgalya who is mentor of Akaash tablet project at IIT Mumbai. I updated him about the Firefox OS and App Days to be held in Bangalore on 26th January 2013. Ubuntu 12.04 is successfully ported on Akaash2 tablet. About 1 million tablet with Ubuntu 12.04 loaded will be available for students very soon. I discussed with Prof. Kannan about the possibilities of porting Firefox OS on Akaash2. But It will be too early to take a decision at this point of time when we do not have enough Apps. Lets contribute more and more Apps for Firefox OS platform. -:) . Akaash team is interested to give demo If we may give them a session in Firefox OS App Days to be held on 26th January 2013.

Lets now talk about “Wikipedia Summit Pune 2013” held in Pune between 12-13 January 2012 in which I represented Mozilla India. The Wikipedia Summit India 2013 was two days event organized by Wikipedia Club Pune to promote Wikipedia as an effective means of education, to empower and reach out to India. About 150 participants of speaking 10 different regional languages were participated in this summit. I planed to represent Mozilla India in this event and get more contributors for localization. The idea was that, since this event was to bring people from different regions who speaks different regional languages, we may get some potential contributors for localization project. Since there was a huge gathering of FOSS enthusiast in this event, I discussed and pushed for Firefox OS among the FOSS enthusiast.

I did not get chance to host a sessions but I very much interacted with the participants during the breaks, before and after the sessions. I presented my slides in group of 3-4 people and showed them few videos as well.

I am happy to say that, I got at-least 7-10 very potential and dynamic faces to take forward Localization, Webmaker and B2G project. They were seems to be very hunger to know more and more, but it was not possible to interact each of them seperately. I contacted all the students and FOSS enthusiast right after I came back to Kolkata. We are in constant touch and will start contributions in various projects very soon. I would love to mention some of the names here, Zulekha, Nikhil, Salman, Sankoswal, Anjali, Jay and Manan. I would also like to introduce following two very potential contributors.

  1. Nikita Belavete, Executive Committee Member at Wikipedia India
  2. Subhashish Panigrahi, Programme Officer, Access To Knowledge at Center for Internet & Society

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  1. I am glad to know about your Mozilla mission and project and so proud of you for representing it in such a big event like Wikipedia summit Pune.

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